Regal Service traces its beginnings to 1932 when Jon Bowser’s grandfather Lloyd became a contract carrier for a local glass company in Knox, PA. The company was called Bowser & Campbell and comprised two-truck operation with a distribution pattern of 20 miles. Through the 50’s and early 60’s Jon’s father and uncle continued to grow the business until, under the leadership of Tim Bowser, it evolved into an agency and then, in 1983, into Bowser-Regal. Dramatic growth expanded Regal’s fleet and coverage to include a growing list of well known Fortune 500 customers.

Regal's Original 2 Truck FleetIn 1998 the ownership of the company began to transfer hands through the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) process. The Ownership Trust eventually grew the employee stake to 100% ownership by 2001. Substantial long-term vision and planning now provides qualified Regal employees more than just a job. It provides a realistic ownership value tied to the company’s overall performance. Our revenues continue to grow from that first million produced in 1993. We’ve operated at a profit ever since, as continued annual growth remains our focus.

Regal Service carefully considers future expansion and growth only as it relates to our core transportation business activity (Trailer-load product distribution, Warehousing, 3rd Party Logistics and International Shipping). Regal’s strategy for increased marketplace position is focused on continually being able to provide our customers excellent, reliable service and quality. Regal’s target market includes industrial, commercial, direct delivery, major multi-national and grocery oriented companies. We continue to work directly with our major accounts combined with new opportunities which support a balanced lane approach, reduced driver deadhead miles and overall wait periods. This approach continues to generate a tremendous amount of industry wide interest. Today’s transportation industry, while complex, still requires the basics provided through predictable service. While price plays an important role in any decision, Regal prides itself on long-term business relationships, providing excellent service at competitive costs.