Employee-based Trucking Company Provides Jobs to Ripley, NY

Ripley, N.Y. — Employee satisfaction is at the forefront of Regal Service, a local
company based out of Ripley, New York.
The company is 100 percent employee-owned and is constantly striving to support the
area economy by hiring dedicated, local workers.
“The company was founded by the Bowser family in 1966, and they quickly grew the
company so that by the late 90s it was an employee-owned company,” said Kevin
Mazon, information manager with Regal Service. “A company’s employee ownership
grows over time, and now we are a 100 percent employee-owned company.
“It’s a terrific feature for potential employees looking for employment,” Mazon added.
The asset-based company deals primarily in trucking but also provides third-party
brokerage and logistics services.

“Our main terminal is here in Ripley, but we’ve also had a presence in Baltimore,
Maryland, for the past 35 years. We have a container freight station there,” Mazon said.
“We also have a distribution facility in Jamestown, New York, We receive and process
inventory and distribute all the parts for Cummins Engines, a local plant in Lakewood,
New York. We’ve been in Jamestown for about nine years now.
“Although we’re spread out, we cover about 37 of the 50 states with our full-load
trucking capabilities,” he added. “We also offer third-party brokerage and we handle a
full assortment of logistic-related events at our distribution center.”

Trucking Services Provides Hundreds of Jobs in NY

Across all its locations, Regal Service employs about 135 people.

Employee-owned business
brings quality jobs to local
“The majority of our employees are over the road drivers,” Mazon said. “We’re always
looking for qualified drivers, as well as support for our warehouse facility. At the
Jamestown warehouse, we’re looking for warehousemen, fork lift operators, shuttle
drivers, etc.”
Mazon said as an employee-owned company, Regal Service has a lot to offer its
“The scale in regards to drivers’ pay and benefits, is a premium-shelf benefits structure,”
he said. “In addition to what a driver would make, they also have excellent health
benefits, a matching 401K and the employee stock they would soon gain.
“After seven years of employment, they are 100 percent vested,” he added. “It’s quite a
nice deal.”

Mazon said he’s also noticed that drivers with Regal Service often stay with the
company until it’s time to retire.
“Over the road drivers can tend to be a nomadic bunch, and move around a lot,” Mazon
said. “Our employment ownership is an incentive for people to stay here. It’s created a
family culture.”
Don Undercofler, with Regal Service’s safety department, agreed with Mazon and said
the company’s turnover rate proves it.
“We have an extremely low turnover rate,” Undercofler said. “It’s probably around 10
percent. Which, in our industry the average turnover rate is closer to 80 percent.

Employee-owned business
brings quality jobs to local
“Close to 50 percent of our employees have been with the company for more than five
years, and over 25 percent of employees have been with us for over 10 years,” Mazon

Mazon and Undercofler said that as a way to reach more potential employees, Regal
Service is modernizing its website and becoming more active on social media.
“Regal Service has kind of flown under the radar for a number of years,” Undercofler
said. “The way you hire people is changing. We recognize that we’re a solid company
and we want to bring good paying jobs to the community. We’re starting to branch out
more and reach a broader audience.
“We’ve been here a long time and we plan to stay here for a long time,” Undercofler

After 52 years, Mazon said that the company plans to grow its business further and
continue supporting the local community.
“We certainly have expansion plans for the future,” Mazon said.
“We have a lot of drivers from this area, so we like to support the local community
where we can,” he added. “That is always a goal for us. We enjoy helping local
organizations and staying active in the community.
For more information on Regal Service, and employment opportunities, visit the
company’s website — www.regalservice.com; Facebook page
— www.facebook.com/regaltransportationservice; or call 800-247-2416.


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