Trucking Logistics in Ripley, NY 

Let Regal Service’s trucking supply chain management drive your company’s logistics in the right direction. Our services range from turnkey logistics to logistics consulting, and 3rd party logistical support in areas like tracking and warehousing. Regal Service has an experienced staff capable of managing ALL businesses needs. From an occasional load, to multiple loads per day, we have the resources available to handle the job. Do not allow fluctuations in your shipping schedule to distract you from your core business. Our innovative technologies optimize supply chain visibility, flexibility, and profitability to hundreds of businesses. Rely on Regal Service to get the job done in: 

  • Load Consolidation
  • Truckload brokerage
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Priority Service
  • Payment of Carrier Invoices
  • FTZ zone & food-grade facilities
  • Consulting 
  • Transportation Procurement

Truckload Brokerage & Load Consolidation Services 

Coordination of logistical services in-house can be a very expensive and challenging operation for your company. Outsourcing those logistical challenges to a trusted company like Regal Service helps saves you time, money, and headaches. Outsourcing logistics to Regal keeps your company doing what it does best, while leaving the freight brokerage to a respected 3rd-party logistics provider. From organizing freight staging within our warehouse to planning a more efficient international shipping route, let the professionals at Regal Service help your company run more economically. We pride ourselves in being a comprehensive transportation provider so our customers need to make just one call to ensure their freight is moved smoothly and safely. Quit worrying about logistical nightmares, and get back to your company’s continued success.


Partnering with Regal Service for freight invoice & payment management replaces administrative burdens, and a lack of automation and control with a worry free solution. Most organizations that lack a highly automated and customized system for freight payment have a substantial opportunity for process improvement. Along with ensuring that every payment is made electronically, on time, Regal receives all invoices and works with carriers to use the most efficient method possible, digitizes paper invoices, audits all charges for contract compliance, and allocates expenses. We also provide visibility to freight invoicing, audit and payment information, as well as shipment activity. Don’t assume your freight payments were made, be certain with Regal Service.


Get the tools and experience you need to optimize your supply chain with Regal Service logistics consulting. Regal’s logistics associates are experts in supply chain strategy and will help understand the key drivers that transform a businesses supply chain from a list of uncertainties to a competitive advantage. Regal Service’s team is experienced in working to design & optimize network models to mirror customer-specific constraints. Along with consulting clients to identify and prioritize opportunities and maximize new models, we also offer other in-house services like warehousing and short/long-haul trucking.


Don’t just reduce costs, add value to your business with Regal’s transportation procurement services. Dealing with a large number of bids, a complicated transportation network, or capacity constraints, makes it easy to lose direction when figuring out a customized solution that saves time and money. Our dedicated team uses its expertise in transportation procurement to provide those customized solutions, providing more opportunities to focus on the business. We customize our approach based on the business, proven processes, and smart technology to complete operational efficiency. Although every business is different, Regal Service’s drive to create tremendous value remains constant.




From startups to fortune 500 companies, we are willing to work with you to find the best possible transportation solution. We offer nationwide transportation solutions for our clients and have one of the highest on-time delivery rates in the industry.


We offer comprehensive warehousing solutions from our food-grade warehouses in Northwest PA, Western NY, and Baltimore. Touting a 99.9% inventory accuracy, we also offer repacking, labeling, kitting and many more assembly services in a Free-Trade Zone (FTZ) location.


In trucking, there are many weight and height restrictions to consider, especially when going over state or federal lines. We are here to make sure trucks stay in compliance and have the proper weight over each axle to avoid costly penalties. Contact us today to find out how Regal Services can help keep your operations running smoothly.

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