Regal Serivce Truck Drivers reached million mile mark. Our truck driver jobs offer 401K, ESOP, and great healthcare benefits. Located in Jamestown & Ripley, NY, we are proud to have 26 drivers accomplish the milestone of reaching a Million Miles in their career.  Congratulations and thank you to:


4 Million Miles

Lynn Bloomfield


3 Million Miles

Micky Reagan


2 Million Miles

Scott Carlson, Mike Davis, Allen Matters, Ricky Rose, Shane Stenger, Duane Thompson, Cynthia Bloomfield


1 Million Miles

Lou Brown, Guy Burdick, Jerry Bush, William Elder, Tony Giunta, Bill Gutz, James Klemm, Ray Kupniewski, John Kysor, Robert Lee, Tony Mancuso, Dan O’Hara, Tom Phanco, Ed Potter, Jimmy Tolbert, Mitch Trostle, Steve Walk

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